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Supermarket Income REIT partners with Osprey Charging

Supermarket Income REIT partners with Osprey Charging

We are happy to announce a partnership with Osprey Charging to install rapid EV charging hubs across a number of our omnichannel stores. Provision of rapid EV charging will enhance the convenience for our supermarket tenants’ customers and further differentiates and future-proofs our supermarket assets.

The partnership covers an initial six locations, totalling 65+ rapid charge points, and further sites are expected to be added. Two of these rapid EV charging hubs are already live at our Morrisons stores in Wisbech and Workington,
with the latter comprising 16 ultra-rapid charge points each capable of delivering up to 300kW. The rapid EV charging hubs are equipped with the latest technology that distributes power to vehicles based on their actual needs in real time.

This optimisation ensures no available power is wasted, allowing more high-power charge points to be installed and for customers to receive the power their car requires throughout the charge. All installation and servicing costs are covered by Osprey.

Robert Abraham, Managing Director, Supermarkets at Atrato Group said; “Sustainability is a key part of our strategy and so we are delighted to announce this partnership between SUPR and Osprey. Supermarkets are an ideal location for EV charging, with shoppers able to charge while they pick up their groceries. These developments are being delivered at no capital outlay to SUPR, whilst enhancing the sustainability credentials of assets and helping to drive footfall to the stores.”

Andrew Nosworthy, Commercial Director at Osprey Charging said; “Supermarkets sit at the heart of communities, and providing a high standard of EV charging at them makes a difference to consumers’ choice of where to shop and confidence to drive electric. We’re delighted that Osprey are building our large, reliable rapid charging hubs at these prime locations working in partnership with Supermarket Income REIT. Their forward-thinking strategy will ensure they stay ahead of the curve by equipping their locations to meet growing EV market demand.”

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